“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

- Benjamin Disreal

Therapy for Individuals

Individual therapy is a great place to explore what makes you YOU, where you feel most able to grow and thrive in the world, and how you can make changes that allow you to move towards the purposes you were created for.

Individual therapy may benefit you…

…If you have a hard time hearing your own voice and recognizing what you want and/or what you are capable of.

While it is so important to have supportive friends and family, sometimes your relationship prevents your loved ones from being objective. Generally, their intentions are to back you and support you and do what’s best for you; however, what is best for one person is not always best for another. Sometimes the well-intentioned voices of others inadvertently drown out or muffle our own. Therapy is a great way to honor taking space to practice recognizing your own voice, and paying attention to what your own feelings are trying to tell you. It’s where you can be supported in tuning in to your own experiences, and deciding your own best solutions.

…If negative messages from you or others are preventing you from reaching towards your deepest goals.

Messages can act in very powerful ways when we treat them as truth. The anxiety they create can even be debilitating at times. Therapy is a great place to experiment and test what messages are in fact truth, and what messages were made with ulterior motives or lack of sufficient evidence. With this new knowledge, you can create new, more realistic messages that serve you and your goals much better.

…If negative habits have developed as a way to escape your fears, self-doubts, or traumas.

Good people are generally the best at beating themselves up. When good people lack confidence, make mistakes, or suffer abuse they often don’t feel deserving of a sense of true happiness. This can become a terrible spiral effect. Attempts to avoid these shameful feelings can lead to defensive habits that create even more toxic and skewed beliefs about oneself. If you are struggling with negative habits in attempt to avoid important issues, therapy is a great space to explore these cycles and discover real solutions in a non-judgemental setting.

Individual therapy may help you:

  • Clarify Your Values
  • Develop and Implement Boundaries
  • Discover Motivations for Change
  • Find Meaning From Experiences
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Let Go of Perfectionism
  • Organize Your Life
  • Overcome Anxieties
  • Recognize Your Strengths
  • Recover from a Divorce or Break-up
  • Transform Shame

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