"You might be happy to learn that you actually ARE the person your dog thinks you are."

- Animal Assisted Therapist Angie Dotzenrod

Animal Assisted Therapy

Hello! Hello!

MY NAME IS ZYANA (Z-ya-na)! What’s yours?

I’m not a therapy dog just yet, but I’m working on becoming one! I just have a little ways to go still on controlling my excitement and keeping my focus!

Do you want to know how I will be able to help people (maybe people like you) someday?

Like my mom, I’m going to specialize in relationships!

In a lot of ways, I’m going to act like a practice relationship! First, just like in other good relationship contacts, I’m going to be able to help people like you increase their oxytocin levels! Oxytocin is a hormone that makes you feel good, and that alone would help you feel better!

But I can do more than that!

I’m really good with feedback. Not to brag, but I really am quite the communicator, and I would be glad to help you practice your listening and observing skills so we can practice communication together.

Also, I can naturally give you positive reinforcement when you control your own emotions, because I will want to be around you. You can learn to give me positive reinforcement as a way to teach me how to want me to respond to you.

You might also find that we have some things in common. I won’t tell you all my details just yet, but I’ll just give you one possible example.

Ok, so for instance…

Are you adopted?


Mom says that she feels really sad that sometimes biological parents, like mine, don’t come from circumstances that allow them to take care of their babies the way they need.

But, Mom says that she feels so blessed with the happiness that I bring to her life as a result of those circumstances. That’s why she named me Zyana! She says Zyana means “blessing from heaven.” That’s me! And maybe that’s you too!!

Even if you weren’t adopted like me, there are plenty of other things we might have in common too - struggles…emotions…likes and dislikes… - who knows! And having things in common really helps us feel okay about our lives and not so alone, you know? Maybe we can help each other. I can be one of your blessings, and you can be one of mine!

Please reach out if you would like to meet me! I would love to learn more about you and how I can help! And if you have any questions about me just ask!

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