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I approach therapy with a systemic lens. This means that instead of viewing challenges as exclusively stemming from individuals, I consider how many factors in peoples’ lives contribute to their situations. I chose to study Marriage and Family therapy because I believe the role love has in our lives is vital and universal. I am passionate about evolving intimate relationships and enhancing communication.

As an ally to the LGBT+ community, I find beauty in all different consensual expressions of sex, intimacy, and love. I understand what it’s like to feel guarded – especially after experiencing hurtful relations with others – so I truly respect and admire the courage it takes to be vulnerable to share your genuine self in therapy.

I am quite authentic and strive to act with intention and presence in my relationships. I hope sharing a bit about my background will help break the ice a bit and provide an opportunity for you to feel confident in choosing to place your trust in me as your therapist.

I grew up with divorced parents who held different spiritual beliefs. Going back and forth between households with drastically different ways of seeing the world I think drew me to begin pondering philosophical questions at a young age. Although I don’t claim to have found much resolve with life’s “big questions,” I do believe change is one constant we can count on.

I am fortunate to have a very close “Gilmore Girls-esque” relationship with my Mom where we regularly share lots of laughter, affection, and good-natured teasing. As a kid, she got me hooked on climbing and snowboarding. These fun mountain sports were not very conducive to the Midwest, so I moved to Colorado when I turned 18, and she followed right behind me.

I began my undergrad at CU studying engineering. Shortly after, I realized I personally did not find spending hours in a dark computer lab, analyzing data from cell cultures fulfilling. At that time, seeking therapy myself was what opened me up to the monumental impact mental health can have on one’s life. The next semester, I changed my degree to Psychology, and now I am so grateful to have discovered a passion where my empathy and discernment are free to flow.

In my free time, I still enjoy romping around the gorgeous mountains that drew me out west years ago – especially when I get to bring my big, goofball American bulldog along and bask in his happy grin. I also practice meditation, dabble with guitar, and recently have been getting into aerial yoga. I tend to get into spurts of certain activities for a period and love the thrill of trying something new from time to time.

At Through the Door Counseling, I work with couples, families, and individuals. I really enjoy getting to work with a diverse set of clients with all sorts of stressors. If you find yourself wanting to make certain changes in your life or relationship, or are curious to explore your inner complexities, I would be honored to be there for you through your process. I look forward to meeting you and developing a flourishing connection together.

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