About Logan


I grew up on the public tennis courts of Santa Monica, California. At the age of 7, I competed in my first national tournament, and at the age of 11, I competed for the first time internationally. My entire childhood was marked by high pressure from family and coaches to win, and my identity as a person was dominated by my identity as an elite athlete.

My father, who is a general contractor, and my mother, who worked in education her whole life, raised me to believe that any problem I faced could be overcome with enough grit and determination. But once I moved on from my career as a tennis player, I struggled to find that same satisfaction and meaning through achievement, and I have been on the quest for fulfillment ever since.

After a 10-year career in the technology industry, with 4 years in people management, I found myself once again questioning my identity as I showed up for work, unfulfilled and deeply unsatisfied.

I learned that what I enjoy most is interacting with people from all walks of life, who find the strength to share their struggles, challenges, and vulnerabilities. When the pandemic hit, it seemed the conversation around mental health was at an all-time high, and the institutions that fuel our society became more focused on serving our communities from not just a medical perspective, but also a well-being perspective. The call to get involved in serving the well-being of others became too loud for me to ignore, and I finally made the decision to enter the Clinical Mental Health Counseling field.

As a master's student at Northwestern University and counselor-in-training, I want to work with as many types of people as I can. I have a passion for walking with individuals through their journey of self-exploration and toward new possibilities and empowered lives. My mission is to help clients find inner peace and strength, and enrich their relationships with themselves and others.

Change is possible, and I believe it is possible for everyone. As human beings, we have defenses that have evolved to protect us, which are quite effective in fulfilling that purpose. But these defenses can also prevent us from engaging in new and more pleasurable experiences and reaching the futures that we want most.

I will work with you to examine your thoughts so that you can determine how well they are serving you. Together we will investigate their origins and purposes, and how they are impacting your feelings and behaviors. Within a safe and comfortable space, we will work together to overcome identified barriers and strategize how to bring your goals into your reality.

I hope to have the honor of doing this sacred work with you.