About Camrie


I was born and raised in Minnesota, but moved to colorful Colorado in 2017!

Like Angie, I was born to teenage parents, which proved to be hard times. My folks divorced when my little brother and I were very young, and there were several times we struggled to put food on the table. I moved many times, bounced between two homes, and learned to adjust to differing parenting styles. I had to adjust to a lot of changes and — like many who might be reading this — I yearned to feel normal and to find a piece of stability and control.

In high school I was awkward and introverted, which made it difficult to make friends and fit in. I eventually learned to appreciate my quirks and love myself as a whole, and I developed a small, close group of friends who enjoyed my oddities. I also found pleasure in singing, exploring anything, and baking!

It was during these years when I took my first psychology course. I was interested in understanding people’s behaviors and reasoning. But, while starting to learn about how and why people’s puzzles can make so much sense, my greatest lesson was learning the deep love I have for people. I realized how much compassion I have for those who feel like the puzzle never really fit for them, and the significant passion I have for helping people experience the understanding and acceptance that they deserve.

That initial psychology course inspired me to pursue a full Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication Studies. Based on my personal connections with divorce and non-traditional relationships, I found myself gravitating towards exploration of how people design their own family structures that work for them, regardless of societal influences, individual family histories, and stigmas. My interest in relationships of all kinds led me to earn my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

At Through the Door Counseling, I work with couples and families as well as individuals. My focus is to look at clients from the whole perspective, including the impacts of our families of origin, our larger cultures, and the intersections between these. A multidimensional lens enables a better grasp on how problems and solutions develop and grow within our environments. Like a puzzle, one piece doesn’t make the whole picture. It easier to see when all the pieces are connected together.

For fun, I love to read, hike (when the snow permits it!), sing in the shower, play with my big saint Bernard dog, experiment with recipes, and try new things with loved ones! If people are willing to go out of their comfort-zone, I’m always willing to meet them where they are at! Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable! I know it will be a fun time (or an experience to remember).

I understand that therapy can be intimidating at times and you can feel out of your element at moments. I have the highest admiration for people’s willingness and courage to share information and feel vulnerable with me. Not everyone can allow themselves to do that. That’s courageous!

Although I have only shared a little about myself, I hope this bio allowed you to start to get a sense of who I am and how much admiration I have for all people! If you decide to reach out, I look forward to hearing your story and supporting you in your journey to your other side.

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